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Feel Good Gifting promotes psychological health and emotional well-being by encouraging generosity and fostering of a sense of belonging by giving back to one’s community. We at Seven Circles believe that the act of giving positively affects mental and emotional wellness, which in turn positively impacts individuals’ everyday lives. Giving back can take many forms, from volunteering to donating to passing along knowledge and skills.

In 2017 the World Happiness Report showed that the countries that top the happiness list tend to value six key variables, among which social support, trust, and generosity are listed. From this we can gather that we as human beings are not fulfilled simply by wealth or possession but instead need the sense of purpose, connectedness, and belonging that come from strong social relationships and community ties.

Programs implemented under this cause are designed to not only support individuals with the provision of necessary comforts, such as the blanket donations that first sparked this cause, but also to allow individuals to have fun and explore their creativity through artistic endeavours. Through Feel Good Gifting, we hope to see a world in which all individuals are able to experience psychological and emotional well-being by supporting and giving back to their communities.

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