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Seven’s World is the philanthropic arm of Seven Circles, a one-stop-shop consulting agency that serves a diverse clientele of startups, multinational corporations, aid agencies, and organizations. We believe that building a kinder world is our responsibility, which is why we pour our energy and resources into people-centered development, aiming to financially support organizations that work to feed, heal, shelter, protect, educate, inspire and empower over seven billion people. Many of these projects are based upon our unique Empowering Through model that works with stakeholders (private sector, public sector, academia, civil society and impact funds) to empower individuals economically and socially. 


Seven’s World revolves around our seven causes, whereby a portion of the proceeds from every project and product created by Seven Circles are reinvested into global and local organizations that aim to address some of the greatest issues affecting humanity today. Our vision is to engage individuals, stakeholders, and communities in a way that they themselves are empowered to serve humanity and build a kinder world.


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Dina Saoudi


Abdul Majeed Shoman Jr.


Our Story

A short meet-up on February 23, 2016, at a local cafe in Amman, Jordan turned into a three-hour meeting of two people realizing they were destined to work together on serving their clients with the common purpose of building a kinder world. 


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